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Yu-Gi-Oh! :: Drabble Request : Warmonger

Title: Warmonger
Rating: PG-13
Pairing: Amelda/Kaiba
Notes: For ctg21361. The prompt was 'castration'. This was done in nine lines!

Amelda realized too late that it was something Kaiba never would have done. He had always thought that, as producers of war, the Kaibas were instinctively ruthless and heartless, but no...Kaiba Seto, however cold and callous he was, would never have drugged anyone with the sole intention of castrating them.

He hadn't thought there was anything that could make him feel worse, but the silence after how loud and how painful the screams had been made him wish he could have reversed their positions, and that was saying a lot.

So Kaiba Seto was just a boy, after all. (He felt another twinge of guilt in thinking that the operative word happened to be 'was'.) An asshole, perhaps, but just another teen fascinated with games and fantasy. Well damn....

He curled up next to Seto, just accepting it with a few curses when Kaiba nearly broke his nose (he was still weak, and lacked his usual athletic strength, luckily), and decided if he couldn't sew him back together, he could at least try to repent another way and make sure Seto didn't die from the shock or blood loss or, later, the humiliation. When Kaiba was able to walk and he really did break the redhead's nose and nearly knocked him out cold, Amelda decided that he did love Kaiba after all.
Tags: amelda, amelda/seto, gift fics, kaiba seto, one shots, yu-gi-oh!

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