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Season 7


So above, So below. Having the knowledge and resources to change the world.

The grass is threaded with clover, little balls like cotton or rabbit tails that smell dimly of nectar and summer. A slender red kite has tangled in the branches of an oak tree. A bare twig has stabbed up through it, like a splintered bone in a compound fracture.

Castiel, one-time Angel of the Lord, stands in the field watching the kite flutter weakly in the wind. All around him are well-dressed, dark-suited bodies. Ash wings stain the grass around them, branching out from their shoulders, making them appear like doves shot from the air.

Castiel looks upon them, his brothers and sisters, and feels nothing.

So above, so below.

It’s time to go to work.
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Yuugiou :: Zombies on Broadway

Title: Zombies on Broadway
Notes: It's amazing the random ideas you can get from browsing The World's 50 Worst Monster Movies Ever.

This is a semi-gift fic for ivory_illusions, since I technically finished writing this on her birthday. But only semi, because I don't know if I would actually claim this could be a gift.

And the quote at the beginning is from The White Road by Neil Gaiman.

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Alice in Wonderland :: 30 Dogpile : Tight Rope

Title: Tight Rope
Author/Artist: Pachelbel/vilify
Pairing: Alice/March Hare/Mad Hatter
Fandom: Alice in Wonderland
Theme: Rafters, 101. "Ärthjärna"
Ratings/Warnings: PG; reference to a hookah, mild cruelty to the Dormouse. Same things you find in the book and any of the adaptations.

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- Any and all suggestions are welcome. I know the dialogue is choppy, I'm not going to be offended if you point it out. :)